Smartlock works Offline

It is well known to us that the existing smartphones need a WiFi connections of other modes of internet connection for the operation. A Singapore based startup Igloohome has invented a smart digital lock which possess a remote pin code function and does not rely on any of the internet platforms. This is an innovative […]

Android Operating Cars

The popular Chinese eCommerce web store released its first Android based Cars. The web based company has unveiled RX5 a connected car. This specialized car has been manufacture by the Chinese vehicle manufacturers SAIC Motor Corporation. According to the local press reports the company has been involved for more than two years in the process […]

Amazon uses Robots

Amazon is the popular eCommerce website. Amazon uses robots to simplify the jobs. A robotic arm is speeding up the process of work in Amazon. The Team Delft’s robot arm outscored its rivals. The eCommerce website uses robots in shifting products from one place to another but relies on humans for arranging in the shelves. […]

Device to Tackle Mosquito Borne Diseases

Microsoft has developed a develop which enhances in tackling the Mosquito Borne diseases. This technology is based on a prototype trap for finding the mosquito borne diseases. The devices detects and prevents emerging infections or outbreaks from the disease. Microsoft’s prototype trap technology is an innovative achievement by the company.  The entomologists with the help […]

Super Computer from China

The Worlds new powerful Computer is the Sunway TaihuLight super computer. The super computer has been declared as the world powerful computer due to its extra ordinary features. The super computer beat the previous record holder also from China. This makes China the nation with most HPCs in the world. The Sunway TaihuLight system is attractive […]

Pepper Robot Receives Patients

The Humanoid Robots receives and guides the patients and visitors to the required departments in a Belgian Hospitals. Two hospitals in Belgium have organised Robots as receptionist welcoming people coming to the hospitals and leads them to the various departments of the Hospitals. This is the first time Robots are being used in the Medical […]

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